Introduction trip


Introduction trip is certainly a better description for the inspection trips or viewing trips that are offered in large numbers.

All trips offered usually include a stay of 3 days / 2 nights. If you know the region and know optimally where and what you are looking for, this formula is fine. But those who do not know the region and allow themselves to be caught by the sweet talk of pushy salesmen will in many cases regret this afterwards.

At Global Spain we now really know what we are talking about and we opt for an introductory trip where we mainly introduce potential buyers to the various regions, daily life and the general atmosphere. The most important thing is that you feel good in the environment where you buy a home?

How about a second new home in a region where you don't feel at home at all? This extremely important factor is often deceived.

At Global Spain you are always welcome and we are happy to spend more than one “3-day” with you so that you get to know the different regions optimally and so that you can take the right decisions in peace and consultation.

What does it cost ?

NOTHING ! You arrange a flight and we are ready to accompany you during your stay. Would you like us to arrange your stay for you? That is perfectly possible!

What if you buy from us?

Then we will refund your flight and your first 2 nights stay! (*)

Any extras with purchase?

Yes, such as free installation TV Vlaanderen, gift voucher furniture, free air conditioning installation, extra bonus discount, etc ... depending on what you buy.

anything else ?

Hell yes !! The absolute certainty that you will also enjoy optimal after-sales service after purchase and that you have found new friends for life at Global Spain.

Fancy an introductory trip?

Let us know and we'll take care of you!

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